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Residents In Tom Hardy’s Neighborhood Are Praising His Renovation Work On The 18th-Century Building, However, There Is One Problem

The actor, 40, is one of the most famous residents in the scenic district in the south-west part of London, as his home improvement hasn’t allowed him to keep a low profile.

There are multiple complaints from his neighbors and the Richmond Society concerning the distinctive “element” on the side of his home, with some even calling it an “aberration.”

A letter from the Richmond Council states: “This is a truly awful blot on the landscape of what has otherwise been a successful renovation of a house in an important part of Richmond.

The chimney is an aberration and does nothing to enhance the house nor the surrounding area.”

While in another letter, the Richmond Society said: “For an 18th Century building, in the very heart of the town, to suffer the tasteless indignity of this out of character, out of scale chrome steel chimney is beyond belief.”

Tom currently lives in the house with his wife, Charlotte Riley.

The actor’s appeal for planning permission was rejected at first, but was granted after an appeal under ‘permitted development rights.’

Tom got publicity earlier this year after catching a thief, having chased him down the street in real movie fashion.

The actor gave chase after the crook, who crashed a stolen moped and tried to flee.

A witness in Richmond told how Tom chased the thief through gardens and across a building site-before proudly announcing: “I caught the ****.”

The thief had crashed the stolen moped into a car after running a red light in Richmond, South London.

The Batman villain, now in the role of the hero, vaulted over walls as he sprinted towards the crook- and when he finally caught him, he grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and patted him down to see if he had any concealed weapons.

The route taken by Tom Hardy on the Hollywood-style chase
The route was taken by Tom Hardy on the Hollywood-style chase

Arun Pullen, 22, said: “It was mental – like he’d switched to superhero mode in an action movie. Two boys on the nicked moped had jumped a red light and smashed into a car.

“Tom must have been walking down the road. He went off like a shot in pursuit and looked furious. If the kid had been dumb enough to resist I reckon Tom would have given him a good hiding.”

One onlooker said it was as if the Taboo star  ‘switched to superhero mode in an action movie’

Witness Aren Pullen, the owner of the garden in which Tom passed through while in pursuit of the crook, said that the actor ‘clearly isn’t a person you want to mess with”

Arun watched as the actor, who resides in the nearby Richmond, South West London, dragged the runaway thief to a bus stop and patted him down.

He said: “The kid looked wrecked and in shock.

The stolen moped, which was carrying two men crashed into a 50,000 pound Mercedes at a busy road intersection.

“Tom Hardy’s clearly not a man you’d mess with. I think he even checked the kid’s ID before cops took over.”

Arun said Tom used the C-word to describe the thief.

He added: “I asked Tom what happened and he told me he chased him through my back garden and caught him around the block — but the route was like an assault course.”


Tom seems to have chased the thief through, what onlookers compared to ‘an assault course’

Tom, 40, told one of the onlookers: “This little*** nicked something and now he’s got himself a ­broken leg.”

Both thieves were injured. One was caught within moments while the other tried to flee towards the gardens and the waste ground, but luckily Tom caught up to him and made a citizen’s arrest.

Both are arrested for suspicion of theft and taking a vehicle without a consent.

Arun said: “Tom did the public a great service.”

Girlfriend Kalisha added: “I’m a big Tom Hardy fan and there was no mistaking him. He looked as mad as he does on telly.”

Tom Hardy’s spokeswoman declined to comment.



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