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Signs Of A Special Bond: Princess Charlotte And Kate’s Relationship Goes Beyond Mother And Daughter

She may be a little further down the pecking order than heir-apparent Prince George, but Princess Charlotte is showing the world she has the attributes of her grandmother and great-grandmother.The little princess has a slightly older close friend in the Royal Family and has shared many sweet moments with her over the years. According to leading body language expert Judi James, she is also showing signs that her relationship with her mother Kate is more than that of a daughter to a mum.

The expert says she thinks that Charlotte has also become a close friend for the Queen in waiting and that bond is essential for her mother due to the isolating nature of her position, which will become more apparent as she approaches the time where she takes up her destiny.

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Judy said: “As Charlotte gets older there are some clear signs of not just mother-daughter bonding with Kate but also friendship signals, too. It’s not unusual for a mother and her daughter to describe themselves as friends or even enjoy being ‘best friends’ but where Kate and Charlotte are concerned that specific bond might be more necessary than it is for others as being a top-tier royal can be an isolating experience and we all saw how much the late Queen always cherished the unique equality of her mother-daughter bond with Princess Anne.”

And she said she thought her other close friend seems to be her father’s cousin Princess Beatrice: “The pose where little Princess Charlotte gazed up at her ‘auntie Beatrice’ at Eugenie’s wedding showed Beatrice could well be Charlotte’s favourite royal friend.”

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The expert also saw a moment between the two where young Charlotte comforted Beatrice. She said: “There as an even more touching moment between the two at Philip’s. memorial service. Beatrice was overcome by emotion during the service, weeping loudly and even hiding her face behind her hymn sheet at one point. It was little Charlotte who looked back from the front row with an expression of concern, prompting Beatrice a small smile and nod of thanks to reassure Charlotte she was OK.” The princess is also thought that to be close with the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh’s daughter, Lady Louise Windsor.

As to Prince George and Prince Louis they are lucky enough to not only have a tight-knit group of friends at school, but also to be surrounded by many youngsters in their family. The late Queen had 13 great-grandchildren and we have seen many of them joking and playing together at public events in the past, for example at Trooping the Colour, the Platinum Jubilee celebrations and at weddings. One of the closest bonds we have seen is that of Prince George and Princess Anne’s eldest granddaughter, Savannah Phillips.

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Pointing to the destiny that lies ahead for George, Judi noted that Savannah is always on hand to make her younger cousin laugh. She told the Express: “There is one royal though who seems able to ensure the fun-factor is still present and that he is enjoying himself as he learns to cope.

Savannah always looks super-popular, confident and playful and George appears to gravitate towards her.” While Judi adds that George displays a “certain amount of hero-worship” for Savannah.


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