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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Break Royal Selfie Rule For Epic Picture

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a great first day in Jamaica as they visited Bob Marley’s old Kingston neighbourhood of Trench Town.

There they were treated to all sorts of fun activities, such as getting the chance to try out a bobsleigh made for two under the watchful eye of Jamaica’s latest Cool Runnings team.

During this activity, the two royals broke a reported “royal selfie rule” when they posed for a fun picture with the team. In the photograph, we can see the two royals being all smiles inside the bobsleigh while surrounded by the whole team.

The great photo was later shared on the Jamaica Bobsleigh & Skeleton team’s official Instagram account, with even William and Kate reacting to the post.

The caption accompanying the post read: “What an honour it is to have The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge not only in Jamaica but sitting in one of our history-making bobsleighs! We are thankful for the support and looking forward to once again being the #HottestThingOnIce in the 2026 Winter Olympics!”

The post quickly gained over two thousand likes and hundreds of comments. Among those comments was one from Kate and William themselves, with the royals writing: “Lovely to meet you all today.” They also reshared the post on Instagram stories, writing: “Selfie for the archives.”

Although there is no official written rule for royals not to take part in selfies, as they usually politely decline photographs, with the reason being that they are focused on the engagement when out in public and are in a way-on the job.

The only time when fans get to see the royals in selfies is when they accidentally photobomb one.

In the past, Prince Harry once admitted that he “hates selfies”. While visiting the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, the royal turned down a request from young fans, explaining: “No, I hate selfies. Seriously, you need to get out of it (the habit), I know you’re young, selfies are bad. Just take a normal photograph!”

The Queen has also commented on it, saying that she finds it “disconcerting” and “strange” when she is faced with a sea of people trying to take selfies with her.

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