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The Main Mission Kate Will Undertake Once She Becomes Queen Consort

In the last year, Kate Middleton has really stepped up in her role as a royal, especially in these trying times. She is constantly busy attending public events, visiting charities and organizations, as well as working on her own projects. With the Queen technically being on a decreased royal work schedule, Prince William and Kate were always there to pick up the pieces, showing their importance to the royal family and quickly becoming fan favorites.

One of the oldest projects the Duchess has been working on is the research on how early childhood shapes our future. Just last year she launched the Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood.

Rebecca English, the editor for The Daily Mail, reports on Kate’s “royal calling”.

She stated: “It’s taken her a while to find her voice, that’s been quite deliberate on her behalf because she didn’t want to go in all guns blazing.

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“She wanted to learn about her craft, she wanted to become more confident with public speaking and this convening power that she has been given.

“This is not a flash in a pan; this is her future and what she will continue doing as Princess of Wales and, eventually, when she becomes Queen.”

In June of last year, Kate took the next step in her work on the topic by announcing The Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood, a hub within the Cambridges’ charitable vehicle, whose goal will be to push for increased awareness of and new research into the impact of early years.

In an official statement, Kate Middleton said: “Our first five years lay important foundations for our future selves.

“This period is when we first learn to manage our emotions and impulses, to care and to empathize, and thus ultimately to establish healthy relationships with ourselves and others.

“It is a time when our experience of the world around us, and the way that molds our development, can have a lifelong impact on our future mental and physical wellbeing.

Indeed, what shapes our childhood shapes the adults and the parents we become.”

Later in the year, Kate voiced her support for a study into the early years’ development of children just before she went to visit the University College London, where she met with the academics behind it.

Kate visited the University’s Centre for Longitudinal Studies on Tuesday to meet the academics who launched the “landmark” study, The Children of the 2020s.

The research will be tracking the holistic development of children ranging from nine months up to five years old across all England. They will be noting every factor that might affect the child’s development and education, starting with the home environment and family, to the community and social groups, as well as factors such as the family’s social or economic status.

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