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The Name Of The Third Royal Baby Accidentally Revealed

The web developer of the royal family’s website may have accidentally revealed the name of Kate and William’s third baby.

The Royal Family’s website has reserved a page for a Prince Albert. And this may be the be the biggest clue yet that a name has been picked for the third royal baby.

There is a website where you can find pages there for Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Charles and many more.

prince albert

However, if you try to find the pages for Prince George or Princess Charlotte, you’ll find an “access denied” screen.

Even though Prince William said that the couple is still deciding on the name a page at reads Access Denied – which is the same message that greets visitors trying to visit that page or those of George and Charlotte.

The moniker Albert has been leading for some time. British bookmakers had odds for the name as low as 5-1 at one point.

Albert is another classic English name that means noble. It became popular in the British royal family after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert got married in 1840. It would also pay homage to the Queen’s late father, Albert “Bertie” Frederick Arthur George.

It’s also one of Prince Andrew (full: Andrew Albert Christian Edward) and Prince Harry’s (full: Henry Charles Albert David) middle names.


Kate Middleton welcomed their third child

However, we still can’t confirm this until the official announcement is made. However, until now this has been the strongest sign about the name of the new little prince’s since his birth.

It is expected that the moniker of the baby will be revealed on day four. But maybe we will have to wait a month to find out if William and Kate decide to follow in the Queen and Prince Philip’s footsteps. They waited 30 days before they announced the name of Prince Charles in 1948.

When Prince William was born, Diana and Charles waited until seven days after his birth to announce his name.

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