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The Newest Hobby Prince Louis Has Been Obsessed With Revealed

Well, we definitely can’t say that this surprised us, still it is so sweet! Apparently, Prince Louis has inherited mom Kate’s love for the outdoors. According to Katie Nicholl, the little Prince is the happiest when he can play in the garden and explore the nature.

Nicholl recently told OK! magazine: “Louis loves being outdoors and has been encouraged by Kate to have a love of nature.

“He’s happiest when he’s exploring the grounds. They’ve got climbing frames, swings and a pond, and each of the children are in charge of their own little patch of the kitchen garden.”

Prince Louis

You already know that Duchess Kate encourages her children to love nature just as much as her. Last July, during an appearance on CBBC’s Blue Peter, Kate said: “Rain or shine, they’re dragged outside. It’s great.

“It encourages creativity, confidence and even a short amount of time – 10 or 15 minutes – makes a huge difference to ­physical wellbeing but also to our mental wellbeing.”

And in September, during Back to Nature Festival, Kate gave an example of how her children like to spend time outdoors while speaking to a few attendees. She revealed  Louis “loves smelling the flowers” and being out in the garden.

Kate and Prince William are also strict when it comes to allowing her children to use devices mobile phones, tablets or iPads, Nicholl said.

“Kate is usually very strict on screen time and keeps it to a minimum. The children aren’t allowed their own devices.”

Prince Louis is growing up so fast. He is turning two next week, on April 23. And despite lockdown, his parents have made sure that he will have a memorable birthday party.  

Nicholl revealed: “Kate won’t let any birthday pass without a celebration. So even though the family are in self-isolation, she’ll make sure Louis enjoys his day. She tends to organise fairly low-key parties for the children”.

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