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The Reason Why Prince William And Kate Got A Dog After They Married

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought their cute English cocker spaniel to the family back in 2012.

They made a Twitter account for the adorable Lupo and was put in children’s books.

But the reason they got the pup in the first place is very sweet.

In the early months of the marriage, the royal couple were separated for a long time. So to help the Duchess cope with the situation the answer was pretty clear to them, they should get a dog. And they did, and Lupo became part of the British royal family.

William, Kate and Lupo

According to OK magazine, Kate addressed the guests at their Christmas party last week, saying she knows how it feels to have a husband working away.

“As someone whose husband has served, I know how hard it feels when a loved one leaves home for the job they trained for. When William served in the Falklands or with Search and Rescue, I remember how it felt. But I can’t imagine how it feels when your loved ones are away on active service.”-said Kate.

“When Prince William was away in the Falklands, he went for dinner with good friends of ours in the Air Force and said how difficult it was for Kate because he was leaving for six weeks. Prince William and his dog Lupo at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire. It was just when they got their spaniel to help her with the time apart.”-Natalie Bressani told People, as she had been chatting with the royal couple.

The couple have been seen on quite a few occasions with their furry friend, including a polo match back in 2013 – where Prince Harry was also seen playing with the dog – and of course the trusted companion also starred in the palace’s first pictures of the Duke and Duchess with a baby Prince George, snapped by Michael Middleton. He’s obviously a very good addition to the family!

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