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The Rule George, Charlotte And Louis Will Have To Follow When They Get Married

Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two, are the three children of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Seeing that Prince William is second in line to the British throne and will someday be King, these three royals will have a whole set of special rules they must follow.

One such rule is about who they get to marry. Although its probably years away, when they do decide to get married, they will have to get permission from the current sovereign.

They will have to ask the reigning King (or still Queen) for permission before officially tying the knot with someone, the same thing their father William did by asking their great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

George Charlotte Louis clap for NHS workers
George, Charlotte and Louis clap for NHS workers

This rules applies to every royal that is in line to the throne-at the moment Prince George is third, Princess Charlotte is fourth, while the youngest Prince Louis is fifth.

Because the three are above the sixth in line to the throne, they are bound by legislation which applies to senior members of the royal family, and should their position on the line remain the same when they reach adulthood, the rule will still be in effect and they will have to follow the marriage restriction laws.

Iain MacMarthanne told, “Prior to the Succession of the Crown Act 2013 all descendants of George II, under the terms of the Royal Marriages Act 1772, unless the issue of a princess who had married into a foreign royal family, had to obtain the sovereign’s permission to marry in order to retain their rights in succession.

He continued, “The 2013 Act sought to bring multiple pieces of outdated and discriminatory legislation relating to the monarchy up to date.”

Their father Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, and their mother Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, are the future heads of the British Royal Family.

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There is always the possibility that Charlotte and Louis’ position will go up with time, should their older brother Prince George have children. But if this has not happened by then, all three will have to ask for permission for the reigning sovereign when they marry.

Their uncle Prince Harry also had to have his marriage to Meghan approved by the Queen; as at the time he was fifth in line.

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