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The Way Harry And Meghan Paid Tribute To Late Diana It’s Gonna Make You Cry!

Today, at the long-awaited royal wedding, the couple paid tribute to Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana, in more ways than one. One such example is when Meghan was picking the flowers for the wedding she made sure to include Diana’s favorites- forget-me-nots.

What you might not have noticed is the empty chair next to Prince William, who is seemingly left for their mother, who died in a car accident in 1997.

Kensington Palace is yet to confirm or deny what is the reason for the empty chair. The chair does hold some significance as it is right in front of Queen Elizabeth and right next to Prince William. Every other member of the royal family has a seat, so it doesn’t look as if they just missed that.

princess diana tribute

Leaving a chair for the deceased is a fairly common way for someone to honor loved ones during a wedding ceremony. If you type it into Pinterest, there are seemingly tons of ways to do mark the chair, with flowers, signs, and scriptures. You can even buy these signs on Etsy. This chair was not marked in any way.

Prince William also honored his late mother during his wedding in 2011 also. He and Kate visited Diana’s resting place before the wedding, and remember that Kate’s engagement ring was originally one of Diana’s. “It’s very special to me,” William told reporters at the time.

Although the palace has not confirmed that the empty chair was symbolic in any way, feel free to theorize all you want.

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