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Watch Princess Charlotte Waving Goodbye To Grandpa Charles In His Helicopter

This girl is an angel! William and Kate’s little girl, Charlotte, was noticed waving goodbye to grandpa Charles. Apparently he and the Duchess of Cornwall went to visit the family-of-five.

Journalist, Elad Simchayoff, posted a video on Twitter. It shows, Charles and Camilla preparing leave with their jet. And as you can notice in background, the little princess is waving them. She is wearing a pink dress. Well, of course, pink it’s her favorite color.

Princess Charlotte has really mastered the wave. First, it was when she and George went to visit their little brother Louis. The Princess greeted fans by waving nearly the entire way into the hospital.

Then again, she stole the show on Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding. As Harry and Meghan hopped into their carriage, the cameras panned to bridesmaid Charlotte, who melted hearts with her little wave.

Few weeks ago, she attended Trooping the Colour in honour of Her Majesty’s birthday. And, the Queen gave her signature royal wave to the crowd, Charlotte was studying and then mimicking her ‘gan-gan’ gesture.

Kate and William moved into Kensington Palace in 2017 along with George and Charlotte. Before, they have been living at Sandringham House in Norfolk.

Their new residence is humbly referred to as Apartment 1-A.

According to sources, William and Kate have four floors of living space to call their own, an expanse that takes up half of the palace’s Clock Tower wing.

The apartment used to belong to William’s great-aunt, Princess Margaret, who had it restored in the swinging 1960s.

According to The Week, the apartment boasts two nurseries, three kitchens, and a host of rooms dedicated to charities set up by Princess Diana.

The family, has been having many guest lately. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Kate’s family have all visited the newest member of the family.

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