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Why Didn’t Kate Take The Children To Meet Baby Archie?

William and Kate finally met their nephew baby Archie, after paying a visit to Windsor late on Tuesday afternoon.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge waited one week before stopping by the Harry and Meghan’s home, and while Kensington Palace would not confirm whether George, Charlotte and Louis were there, it’s highly likely that the children have not yet met their little cousin.

Why Didn’t Kate Take The Children To Meet Archie

Kate went to Windsor from her engagement at Bletchley Park in Milton Keynes, while her husband was coming from a United for Wildlife meeting in London.

Harry spent the day carrying out engagements in Oxford including visiting a children’s hospital, before going home to welcome his William and Kate along with his wife.

Given the timings of the day, it would have been too late for the Cambridge children to travel up from London. The one-hour journey back and forth from Kensington Palace would have meant they would’ve missed their bedtime. Not to mention they would be staying up late on a school night.

William and Kate will have also been able to share tips with the new parents without any distractions.

George and Charlotte

The Cambridge kids will be able to meet the Sussex baby another time when they aren’t on a tight schedule. And perhaps when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have settled into their parenting roles.

In 2014, George wasn’t introduced to his cousin Mia, daughter of Zara and Mike Tindall, until she was two months old.

While talking to the Mirror, retired rugby star Mike described the meeting at Highgrove as “carnage”, saying: “I don’t think Mia will remember that day, she was two months old, but it was great, it was carnage.

George and Mia Tindall

“George was eating at the time. He’d got to that stage where more food goes on the table than in his mouth. Mia was just chilling and sleeping, she sleeps a lot, she’s quite relaxed.”

As well as the Cambridges, The Sussexes received a whole lot of visitors including the Queen and Prince Philip. They were the first royals who met baby Archie. Lady Jane Fellowes, Princess Diana’s sister, was also one of the first to visit the baby. Prince Charles and Camilla are expected to visit him in the next few days.

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