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Why Does Princess Kate Wear Often Red?

Kate, the Princess of Wales’ wardrobe is certainly an impressive one, one which covers all social occasions and all weathers, however there is a colour Kate leans toward – red!

Just this Tuesday Kate was spotted wearing a red – a colour which has a specific significance in Wales – LK Bennett coat for her first visit to Wales after she and William inherited the Prince and Princess of Wales titles.

Kate has followed a long line of royals who have had a special affinity for the colour, for example, Queen Elizabeth often wore red to public appearances with a particular significance. She wore a red coloured coat dress as a tribute to frontline workers during the 2020 pandemic.

Prince William And Kate Reunite With The Queen For Special Event

Princess Diana is often a source of inspiration for Princess Catherine, and many of her most iconic outfits have featured a vibrant shade of red – perhaps taking inspiration from the Queen who liked to wear vibrant shades so that she could be seen in a crowd.

“While opting for red aligns behaviourally with royal standards, Kate uses the colour to express character in a way not dissimilar to how Princess Diana used fashion in an iconic way,” states Lee Chambers, a colour psychologist.

Chambers explains that as a highly charged and very warm colour, red carries a large amount of significance, drawing the eye more than any other colour apart from yellow.

“It gives an intense energy and promotes social behaviour while giving an internal feeling of power, health and courage,” adds Chambers.

Another reason may be that the colour is steeped in regal history, from Chinese royal ceremonies to European royal garments.

Kate and William

“Whilst Kings, Popes and people in authority have always used red as a symbol of power and distinction, a British royal, Kate Middleton also has a penchant for dresses and coats in a vibrant, ‘Riding Hood’ red,” explainsPotro.

Finally, it may be a version of the diplomatic dressing, as the mother-of-three is known to subtly pay tribute to the country, or institution, she is visiting through her outfit choice.

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