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Why Is Prince George The Reason Kate Won’t Be Joining William To Singapore

Prince William will be attending the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in Singapore in November Рbut this is why Kate Middleton is unable to go with him.

It has been confirmed per¬†People¬†that¬†Princess Catherine will not be joining Prince William¬†for the¬†Earthshot Prize¬†Innovation Summit in Singapore. Understandably, though –¬†Prince George, 10, has exams at¬†school¬†that week, so Kate will be at home with him in Windsor, helping him prepare for the upcoming tests.¬†

Prince William did officially confirm his attendance at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in Singapore on 19 September, traveling across the world for the special event. For the past two years, Kate has attended this prestigious event with the Prince, marking this the first time that she will not be joining him. 

Prince William himself launched the Earthshot Prize Awards in 2020 to help promote impactful approaches to the most concerning environmental challenges and climate change issues. The prizes will be awarded until 2030, and each ceremony, as has been tradition for the past two years, will be held in a different location.

In 2021, the awards, always held in the autumnal months, were held in London, and in 2022, were held in Boston – and this year, of course, Singapore is the Prince’s location of choice.¬†

But why Singapore? Prince William spoke of his decision to choose this city at the Earthshot Summit just days ago in New York City. “I think Singapore is a gateway to Southeast Area; it’s a new region. We know the innovation sectors there are huge and technology is booming there,” he said at the event.

“Singapore is a city of nature, so they get it. So it’s really exciting what’s going to happen in Singapore. We take a lot of time and we try to work out where is the next place to go.”

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When Kate attended these awards last year, she made a strong statement about her efforts to be more sustainable in her fashion choices in years to come, making a huge leap for sustainability efforts in royal fashion altogether. Because of this, eventgoers are asked to not purchase new dresses or suits for the occasion, but rather wear clothes they already own in an attempt to contribute to these sustainability efforts.

Although Kate won’t be in attendance this year, as she will be helping young George prepare for his school exams, her sustainable outfits from past years are remembered for their environmental significance – and their historic value.

In fact, last year, she wore a an emerald and diamond choker that belonged to Princess Diana Рtruly the ultimate recycling and historical effort. She also was seen wearing a bright green dress that she rented from HURR, a rental platform in the U.K. for designer dresses, by Solace London. 


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