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Why Prince William Says Princess Charlotte Can Be ‘Trouble’

Prince William’s new documentary A Planet For Us All has a bunch of new details and revelations about the Cambridge family.

Prince William’s newest documentary, titled A Planet For Us All, follows the Prince as he visits tons of locations, such as Kenya, the place where he proposed to the Duchess of Cambridge back in 2010.

Throughout the documentary, William talks about the environmental problems we are facing today, explaining how he’s becoming a father has given him a sense of urgency about doing something to fix things. He often talks about his family as well, mentioning them and sharing stories and details about his three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

During a meeting with a local and her three-year-old, the Prince was seen laughing and joking with them: “Do you like trouble? You are like my little Charlotte! How old is she?” “She is three,” replied her mother.

“She is three years, exactly like my Charlotte!” the Prince exclaimed.

He further explains the ‘call to action’ he got when he became a father, saying that his whole outlook on the situation has changed. He explained: “You can be a happy-go-lucky, young guy, enjoy parties, and then all of a sudden you go, ‘There’s a little person here, and I am responsible for that person.’

Princess Charlotte smelling flower

“Now I’ve got George, Charlotte and Louis โ€“ they’re my life, and your outlook does change.”

Another time the Prince talked about his family was when he was in Liverpool, visiting a group of children who had built a bug hotel, naming it Bugingham Palace.

“Is Princess Charlotte cheekier than Prince George?” one little girl called Daisy asked the Prince.

“No they’re about as cheeky as each other,” William replied. “They’re very cheeky.”

Another girl, Poppy, then asked: “Has Prince George learnt (sic) you the floss?” “No, Charlotte can floss,” says William. “She can already floss at four. Yeah, you don’t want to see me floss. Catherine can floss but I can’t. It’s, it’s like a really horrible film to watch me floss.”

Prince William 38th birthday photo on a swing with George, Charlotte and Louis

Later on in the documentary he emphasized how he wants to leave a better world for his children and the future generations.

“I really want to make sure that in 20 years, George doesn’t turn around and say, are you ahead of your time? Because if he does, we’re too late,” William said.

“Now I’ve got George, Charlotte and now Louis in my life, your outlook does change. You want to hand over to the next generation, the wildlife, in a much better condition.”

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