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Why Today Is A Special Day For Prince William And Wife Kate

Prince William and Kate Middleton just passed a special milestone in their relationship. It has been ten years since they announced their engagement.

The official announcement came on 16th November 2010, although Prince William later on revealed that he had proposed to his then girlfriends Kate, who he had been dating for nine years, a couple of weeks earlier in October, while the two of them were visiting Kenya with some friends.

The couple stayed at Rutundu Cabin, located at the foot of Mount Kenya, with a signed guestbook to prove it. Many fans think that this is the place where the engagement happened, as it really is a magical place and we have no doubt Prince William wanted it to be special.

Prince William and Kate's engagement

The note from the guestbook, dated 20 to 21 October 2010, has this written by Kate: “Thank you for such a wonderful 24 hours! Sadly no fish to be found but we had fun trying. I love the warm fires and candle lights – so romantic. Hope to be back soon.”-a statement that feels like its hinting that something special had happened.

William added: “Such fun to be back! Brought more clothes this time! Looked after so well. Thank you guys! Look forward to next time, soon I hope.”

After having announced the engagement, during their first interview as fiancées the Prince explained how he had been planning this for quite some time and that he had been carrying his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring in his rucksack for three weeks before finally proposing, constantly worrying that he would lose it.

Kate has described the moment as “very romantic”, before admitting that it was a “total shock”. However the two did admit that they had discussed marriage a couple of times in the previous year.

One of William’s favorite places is Africa. So it’s fitting that he got the opportunity to ask the love of his life to marry him at such a special place for him.

Talking about how important family is to both of them, Kate said at the time: “It’s very important to me and I hope we’ll be able to have a happy family ourselves”. William added: “Obviously we want a family, so we’ll have to start thinking about that.”

William and Kate officially said their vows on April 29th the following year, in a ceremony that can only be described as a fairytale at Westminster Abbey. That they not only did they become husband and wife, but they were also given their now recognizable titles, becoming the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

For her big day, Kate went with a lace and satin wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton, the creative director for Alexander McQueen. She was also loaned the Cartier Halo tiara from the Queen. 

During these ten years, the couple became full-time royals, making a name for themselves in the world as representatives of the royal family, and favorite ones at that.

They also started a family that now counts five members. Their first child, Prince George, came on 22nd July 2013; followed by his sister Princess Charlotte on May 2nd 2015. The youngest of the bunch, Prince Louis, arriving on 23rd April 2018.

The entire family has become world known, not only for their royal status, but also for their laid-back and casual demeanor that has won the hearts of many fans. We will be watching both their and their children’s future with great interest, as we are certain it holds great things for them.

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