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Why William And Kate Won’t Be Godparents To Harry And Meghan’s Baby?

It looks like that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are not the first picks when it comes to their first child’s godparents. And there is a reason behind that.

Earlier this month, we finally got the long-awaited news that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently expecting their first baby. The baby is coming sometime in the Spring of 2019, and we still don’t know the gender of the baby.

kate and meghan

And now with the news finally out, royal fans are eager to come up with all kinds of theories and speculations. One question that they have been pondering is-who will be the baby’s godparents?



Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle in Wimbledon

We probably won’t get any confirmation on that question before the baby is born, but what we do “know” is that it is very unlikely that they will choose Kate Middleton and Prince William. When it comes to godparents, the royal couple usually goes with picking friends instead of family. Kate and William’s three children-Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis-all have godparents that are friends to the family. And more than one, with George having seven, Charlotte five and Louis six.

george charlotte louis william kate

All of them are close friends to the Cambridge family. And if Meghan and Harry decide to follow in those footsteps, it seems that William and Kate’s won’t make the cut. They will still be the baby’s uncle and aunt, and will certainly have a big role in the baby’s life.

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