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William, Kate And Harry Share A Sweet Moment At Prince Philip’s Funeral

Prince Philip’s funeral ceremony took place on Sunday, with certain members of the royal family attending. Among those were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

After the ceremony the couple were able to catch up with the Duke of Sussex, having been apart for some time after his relocation to the US last year, with the three of them being in what seemed like a deep conversation after the funeral service.

The trio, Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry, returned to Windsor Castle together, chatting all the way back, especially between the two brothers.

There were cars organized to take members of the royal family back to the castle, but the trio decided to walk as a family. During Prince Philip’s funeral ceremony, they were separated due to the restrictions in place, with the walk back being the chance they got to comfort the Queen after this tragedy.

With all the events happening with the royal family, especially the interview Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had with Oprah putting a substantial strain on his relationship with his brother, it seems that the two brothers are on good terms with their reunion, with the death of their grandfather patching things up and bringing them closer together.

After his death last Friday, Prince Philip was finally put to rest on Saturday with only 30 guests in attendance, such as his wife and other close family members. The initial plan for the funeral was for around 800 people, but due to the still ongoing global health crisis, the number of guests had to be cut down to 30, a hard decision the Queen had to do.

At the funeral were his closest family, with the Queen, of course, and some of his closest friends and coworkers also being there.

Prince Harry was solo during the funeral during this engagement, with his wife Meghan Markle currently being in the last trimester of her pregnancy with their second child, so she stayed behind in the US, taking care of their two-year-old son Archie.

Prince Harry laid a wraith for his grandfather from both him and his wife at the service. The wreath, accompanied with a handwritten note from the Duchess herself, was made of a variety of locally sourced flowers.

The royal couple specifically asked for the wreath to include acanthus Mollis (bear’s breeches), the national flower of Greece, to represent Prince Philip’s heritage, and eryngium (sea holly) to represent the Royal Marines. The wreath also features campanula to represent gratitude and everlasting love, rosemary to signify remembrance, lavender for devotion, and roses in honour of June being Philip’s birth month. Truly a touching way of honouring Prince Harry’s grandfather.

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