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William Reveals The Lesson His Family’s Learned From The Pandemic

In his most recent engagement, Prince William talked about how the pandemic has made his ‘refocus’ his life and realize what really is important.

The Duke of Cambridge had a video call with seven young individuals, which have been named 2020 Young Champions of the Earth by the UN Environment Programme. They discussed the importance of the younger generations standing up and pushing the older ones to make changes.

Prince William has been a prominent supporter of a greener planet from a young age, so inspiring and helping the younger generations make a change is the logical next step in his fight for the planet. The Prince has even been quoted as saying that global warming is one of the few things that keep him up at night.

The global health crisis has affected many people in ways we couldn’t imagine, bringing all types of change to our lives. Well for Prince William, the pandemic has helped him ‘refocus’ on what’s important.

“It helps us, with the pandemic, to really refocus our lives a little bit and work out what’s really important to us,” he confessed.

The Duke had nothing but praise for the young environmental entrepreneurs, especially for overcoming the huge hurdles to create “inspiring” projects that try to combat climate change.

Speaking on a video call, Prince William said, “Just so proud of everything you guys have done, it’s really really fantastic. You’ve really had to take some hits and some bumps along the way to get your projects off the ground, but they are inspiring, they are practical, they are tangible and you guys are making a real difference.”

One of the young people featured in the call was Nzambi Matee, from Kenya, whose project involved creating sustainable building materials. During the call, she emphasized the difficulty that comes with trying to change the attitude of the older generations-such as her grandparents.

However, she also said that this should not be a reason to stop trying to teach them about sustainability. “If we can convince my grandmother not to use plastic bags, we can do anything,” she remarked.

The Duke agreed and said, “If every young person educates their family on the environmental impact they are having, that in turn is making a difference, and changing the tide, and creating that momentum.”

The project will give each of the winners a seed funding so that they can grow their business and training to support the successful entrepreneur.

The royal also mentioned that this group of inspirational individuals could also have a chance at winning the 50 million pound Earthshot Prize-one of his own projects with the goal of helping repair the planet.

Prince William’s Earth shot Prize is just one of many innovative projects that encourage young people to bring about change. The tagline for the Earth shot Prize is to “bring hope and optimism back to the environment debate.”

Prince William took much inspiration from his father, who is also a champion of fixing environmental issues, something that he takes very personally. The Prince of Wales has described the ‘duty to care’ for the planet one that we all have and should prioritize.

“We have a duty of care for this planet that is absolute,” Prince Charles, 72, recently said, “We know day by day, we are rapidly destroying the fabric of the natural world for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren, and testing this planet to disruption.”

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