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William Told Fans How Much He Loves Wife Kate

The royal couple is at the end of their tour of Ireland on the country’s west coast.

On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went on a romantic clifftop walk through rural Ireland. And today the two visited Galway, where they met with the crowds of people gathered there to see them. While chatting with the fans, Prince William commented on how much he loves his wife. So sweet

Prince William and Kate Ireland Tour

This is the final day of their three-day tour of Ireland, which saw the royal couple visit Ireland’s west coast. In Galway, they made a visit to the family-run Tig Coil pub in the city centre before they went on their walkabout of the town. Fans swarmed hours before the royal arrived in order to get a good spot and were still in a good mood even after they had to wait an hour more as the royals’ helicopter from Dublin was delayed.

One of the people present, Angela Moran from Westport, held a commemorative banner from the 2011 royal wedding as she spoke with Prince William. “He asked about the flag,” she revealed afterwards. “I said to him that I really admired him and Catherine and he said thank you very much. I said I love her and he said ‘I do too, nice of you to say so.’”

About meeting the couple, she said: “It was amazing. It’s something you’d think will never happen. We came and stayed here overnight so that we’d be in a good position to see them today. We’ve had a long stand but it was worth every second.”

She described the royals as shining with “class” and “magic”, something she was impressed by and liked.

Another fan who was there to greet the royals was Freya Rose, who is the same age as Princess Charlotte and even shares a birthday with the Princess, May 2nd. Her mother Aoife Byrne talks about their meeting with the royals: “She asked her what her age was and also wished her Happy Birthday for May…She asked if she liked to dance like Charlotte and asked her about school as well.”

They had been waiting since 9 a.m. to see the royals. “We like the royal family. We like the idea of reconciliation and peace,” Byrne said. She also commented that the couple were “very nice, very down to earth.”

Kate met with two other little girls who screamed out her name. “We asked to shake her hand. She is very beautiful,” says Siofre Borke, 8, who was there with friend Hazel McGann, 8.

“We were surprised she came running over,” says Hazel’s mom Paula McGann, 43.

Sandra Codyre, whose nephew Corey Greaney, 11, got to shake the couple’s hands, said the royals’ visit is a “privilege.”

“It’s a privilege to have them come to the west of Ireland. It will highlight Galway in a nice way,” she says. “It’s also great for the friendship between Ireland and Britain and it’s important for young people like Corey to say they have met the future King and Queen.”

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