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Willian And Harry Chose One Item To Remember Mum Diana

Prince William and Prince Harry each selected a very personal item to remember their mother, Princess Diana, after her tragic death in 1997, some sources reveal.

After the tragedy that was Princess Diana’s death in a car crash in 1997, both of her sons chose a keepsake from amongst her personal belongings to remember her by.

They were taken to Kensington Palace to make their selection according to a source close to the Royals.

Prince William chose a gorgeous Cartier watch whilst Harry selected her stunning diamond and sapphire engagement ring.

Princess Diana

A source told the Daily Star: “William picked his mum’s Cartier watch, and Harry picked her sapphire and diamond engagement ring.”

In a heartwarming moment, Harry actually gave the ring to William, who used it to propose to Kate Middleton, during a romantic Kenyan holiday in 2010.

William has said that the ring was a way of ensuring that his beloved mother had a presence at his wedding.


That was not the only thing the two brothers got from their mother, as Princess Diana left a small fortune, which was given to her boys as they grew up. She also left 13 million pounds, which is the money from her divorce settlement from Prince Charles, as well as shares, cash, and personal items.

Princess Diana engagement ring

However, this number fell to around 8 million after all death duties were taken care of.


The money was equally shared between William and Harry. The two princes both got some of the money when they reached 25, and got the full sum when they turned 30.

Management by royal advisors meant the inheritance had increased to £20million by the time it was given to William and Harry.

Both princes paid big inheritance tax bills when they were given the money.

A Royal insider told The Mirror: “There is no way Harry would dodge tax.

Kate Middleton

“There are few similarities between the average person and Harry and William but when it comes to tax, they also have to pay their way.

“William got hit with a hefty bill when he turned 30.

“His aides have to work out the most tax-efficient way for him to handle the money.”

When Harry turned 30 the boys also inherited many of Diana’s personal items, including her stunning David and Elizabeth Emanuel wedding dress.

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