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With Her Wherever She Goes: Duchess Kate’s Tribute To Her Children

Both the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex have become fashion icons in their own right, inspiring thousands with their choice of outfit and jewelry. And for her latest engagement, Kate Middleton wore one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. On Wednesday, the Duchess paid a visit to Baby Basics UK in Sheffield.

For the event, she went for a $US2,423 Suzannah dress with a  $US19 floral face mask, as well as sparkly silver Tabitha Simmons heels that she previously wore to Wimbledon.

To finish off her look she accessorized with a  $US1,340 Daniella Draper necklace that she has previously worn to an appearance at the Ely and Caerau Children’s Centre.

The necklace has special meaning to the Duchess, as on it are the initials of her three kids: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Her outfit looked simple yet elegant, a perfect combination for the summer months, which is a stark contrast to when she previously wore the necklace earlier this year. For that event, the royal combined the special necklace with a Massimo Dutti trench coat, a Zara animal-print skirt, and black suede boots from Ralph Lauren.

Duchess Kate made a surprise appearance on Tuesday in support of one of her biggest royal causes. She visited Baby Basics, a charity that supports new mothers and families in need.

Duchess Kate Arrives At Cardiff Baby Sensory Class

There she helped unpack donations from over 19 British brands and retailers that chipped in to donate 10,000 supplies for the nation’s most vulnerable families.

As she unpacked the first deliveries, Kate told volunteers: “It can get very emotional. I remember a couple of the families I met from King’s Lynn and I went home and literally burst into tears. Their stories were so moving. The struggles they have gone through, the bravery they have shown…in extraordinary circumstances. Helping their families through extraordinary times.”

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