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A Fan Of Meghan Reveals How A Kind Gesture From Her Helped Change Their Life

Meghan had a lot of fans long before she joined the royal family, having made her own career as an actress in Suits. And Emily Sorrells, one of her biggest fans, has opened up in a heartwarming blog post about how Meghan helped her change her life after they met in 2016.

Duchess of Sussex with fans

Emily wrote how she was a “walking mound of self-doubt and anxiety,” ‘til she “found the inspiration in Meghan Markle that taught me the meaning of confidence and gave me a new definition of value for myself.” Emily met Meghan when she went to watch her live interview at AOL HQ in New York. Meghan made a mention about her while talking about social media in the interview and then walked down from the stage to give her a hug and a letter.

Emily was overwhelmed by the experience, and said that by the Duchess giving her the letter, “she went out of her way to make me feel more special than I ever thought I could deserve.” After the interview was over, Meghan then went to talk to her in person, and although she was nervous, Meghan did her best to make her feel more relaxed, with Emily recalling: “During most of our conversation her hand was on my arm in an attempt to make me feel less terrified.”

Duchess of Sussex with fans

She added: “I will forever remember the day I met my idol and my inspiration, I will never forget all she has done for me. I am so grateful and happier than I have never been in my entire life.” Emily continued: “She has proven to me that she is, in fact, a caring and genuine human being. She is not fake for the cameras or trying to portray something different than her real self to the media. She is just lovely. Thank you thank you thank you, Meghan.”

This isn’t the only time that Meghan has shown how much her fans mean to her. Although Meghan has since shut down her social media accounts after marrying Harry, she very much enjoyed reuniting with a follower who used to massage her on Instagram during her royal tour in New Zealand.

It's Hannah from Instagram

Hannah Sergel had been waiting in the crowds to see Meghan while she was at the Viaduct Harbor, and a video showed Meghan’s face light when she realized Hannah was there. Hannah held a sign saying: “It’s Hannah from Instagram,” and Meghan went over to say hi.

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