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Blast From The Past: Meghan’s Old CV Has Resurfaced

What does her old resume reveal about the former actress?
Meghan Markle might now be a fully fledged member of the Royal Family, but she was once a struggling actress trying to make it big in Hollywood.

Recently, Meghan’s old headshot and CV have resurfaced online and has given fans a look into the Duchess’ career from way back in the early 2000s. The resume and the headshot were posted on Facebook by an unnamed user.

Meghan Markle

In the absolutely gorgeous black and white headshot, Meghan can be seen in a simple black top-and her trademark messy bun-as she gazes away at something with a solemn look. The CV lists her height as 5’6″ and weight as 113lbs, while her hair and eyes are simply described as “brown”. The document also lists a number of “special skills” that the actress possesses.

In the resume, we can see that Meghan is fluent in Spanish and has “French proficiency”. She has also mastered Southern, French, Spanish and Argentine dialects – and knows how to kickbox. Prince Harry has gotten quite the deal, as his new wife also dances, with a tap, ballet, jazz and musical theatre included as part of her skill set.

Meghan Markle old CV

At the time, Meghan’s list of professional TV roles only had two entries. She’d played a nurse named Jill in two episodes of General Hospital in 2001, and a party guest called Natasha on CBS’s sci-fi drama Century City in 2004. Meghan had also made an appearance as a “Hot Chick” in Ashton Kutcher flick A Lot Like Love.  Judging by her filmography, this is probably before Meghan got her role as a Suitcase Girl on Deal or No Deal. And her big acting is still years away when she got a role in the legal drama Suits.

In the Facebook post, the poster explains: “I had the pleasure to meet the lovely Meghan Markle several times as an agent but funny enough I couldn’t convince the agency to sign her with just a few credits.

facebook post

“She kept calling. I really had an instinct about her, so much that I had her headshot/résumé and cell on file.”

That instinct seems to have been well placed, eh?

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