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Fans Go Wild Over This Unbelievably Synchronised Video Of William And Kate

Royal fans have been treated to a GIF of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge showing just how unbelievably synchronized the two are. The GIF, that was posted on Friday, sees the two young royals-who just finished their royal tour of Pakistan-wrapping up engagement and rising from their seats in precise unison.

The fans have gone crazy over the short clip, going to Tweeter and writing: “Body language experts would have a field day with that! Soulmates!” “They just flow as one!” and “When it’s been a decade and you are still going strong.”

The five-day tour of Pakistan, the first official visit for the couple to the country, went pretty smoothly except for a small bump on Thursday. The Cambridges were forced to return and make an emergency landing in Lahore due to an electrical storm. This did affect the royals schedule somewhat, as they had to cancel an engagement they had on Friday morning to Khyber Pass. Instead, William and Kate returned to Islamabad on Friday morning and paid a visit to the Army Canine Centre before the two departed for London.

William And Kate Visit Army Canine Centre As Last Engagement Of The Tour
Fans Go Wild Over This Unbelievably Synchronised Video Of William And Kate

The royals were stuck in the air for over two hours for a trip that usually lasts around 25 minutes, due to the plane not being allowed to land in Islamabad due to a thunderstorm. After two hours of a trip filled with turbulence, the aircraft turned back and returned to Lahore. William, who has experience as an air ambulance pilot, checked up on the media team that was travelling with them following the heavy turbulence, joking that he was flying the plane.

Prince William remained in high spirits despite the ordeal, at one point even joking that the turbulence made him spill his vodka and tonic! Nick Dixon, the royal correspondent for Good Morning Britain, explained: “We were travelling on RAF Voyager with the Duke and the Duchess… and flew into some pretty horrendous weather…

The plane was bumpy and rolling around, it was quite horrendous, to be honest… When we did finally land, Prince William came rushing back to us on the plane to check if we were okay… He was laughing and joking with us and saying the turbulence made him spill his vodka and tonic at one point, but it was very good of him to check we were okay.”

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