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George And Charlotte Pose For A Sibling Portrait On First Day Of School

Just like two years ago when Prince George started school, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have shared a photo of Princess Charlotte alongside her brother George, both in their school uniforms.

Both of them will be attending Thomas’s Battersea, with Prince George being Year Two, while Charlotte will be starting Reception.

Alongside the photo the palace released a statement saying: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share a photograph of Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace this morning. The photo was taken shortly before Their Royal Highnesses left for Thomas’s Battersea.”

George And Charlotte Pose For A Sibling Portrait On First Day Of School

Both junior royals looked adorable in the photo, in their navy school uniform, which is what the school calls the transitional uniform; a blue pinafore with a white summer blouse, and black shoes and white socks. In the photo the two have an arm wrapped around each other as they smile at the camera.

There is a whole assortment of things that the pupils are required to have, from winter and summer uniforms, to a PE kit, art smock and ballet shoes, all of which are supplied by Perry in Chelsea. The most distinctive item in the whole kit is the navy jacket or cardigan that features the crest of Thomas’s Battersea-a red unicorn reading a book.

For her big day, Princess Charlotte was accompanied by her father William and her mother Kate, with Prince George also returning to school with them.

This was particularly important for Kate, who was unable to make it for Prince George’s first day back in 2017. At the time the Duchess was pregnant with Prince Louis and was suffering from severe morning sickness.

On their arrival, the royals were greeted by Helen Haslem, head of the lower school. For their entry the royals take the side entrance, while all the other kids with their parents take the front gate.

The headteacher stooped down to shake hands with George and Charlotte, while William remarked: “First day – very excited”. His wife Kate asked the head teacher: “How are you? Did you have a nice summer?”

George And Charlotte Pose For A Sibling Portrait On First Day Of School

Kate looked as proud as any mother would be for her daughters first day at school, holding her hand as they approached the school. For a moment Princess Charlotte, who is usually confident and outgoing, appeared a bit shy and hid behind her mother, but later she relaxed and graces the cameras with her signature wave and her sweet smile.

Princess Charlotte was set in class of 21, one of the three Reception classes in her year. The school is one of the best in London, having great reviews and marks. It’s located on Battersea High Street, a 15-minute drive from Kensington Palace and their most important school rule is to ‘Be Kind.’

George And Charlotte Pose For A Sibling Portrait On First Day Of School

But that quality does come at a cost, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s currently paying for George around £6,429-a-term as he is entering Year 2. But they will pay slightly less for Charlotte, as she is their second child.

The charge for a second child is £6,305-a-term and if Prince Louis ends up joining his older siblings in a couple of years, his fees would be £5,790, as it stands currently.

The school offers all kinds of courses, with Princess Charlotte beginning to study French, Computing, Art, Music, Drama and Ballet this year. The school has some more interesting parts such as a planned outing, early in the year. This will give pupils a chance to explore the outdoors, by going off-site on a ‘Woodland Adventure’. Charlotte will get the chance to do den building, bug hunts and woodland crafts, which she will be familiar with, thanks to mum Kate’s love of the great outdoors.

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