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Grey’s Anatomy: How Often Will CrossoverWith The Spin-Off?

The spin-off of the popular medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy, still hasn’t been officially titled. However, the fans started wondering how often they’ll see their favorite doctors, from Grey Sloane Memorial, crossing over to the firehouse and vice versa.

The pilot will premiere in March. But, apart from it, the executive producers of Grey’s Anatomy are open to having the show and its spin-off cross as often as it will be possible.

“We exist in the same universe. The show is Grey’s Anatomy adjacent,” executive producer Stacy McKee told reporters during the spin-off panel at the Television Critics Association winter previews on Monday. “The world takes place in Seattle the same place that Grey’s does, so there’s a lot of potential for cross-pollination. We hope that comes to fruition.”

The two shows are set in Seattle. And both are filmed in Los Angeles. That should make it genuinely simple to inspire characters to ricochet forward and backward, notwithstanding for a scene or two.

The lead character of the spin-off, Ben Warren (Jason George), is still married to the Chief of Surgery at Gray Sloane Memorial Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), all things considered.

“It all depends,” McKee said about the logistics and how often they’d go for the crossover. “The great thing about it is that we exist in the same universe so there’s definitely great potential to have people or things work their way in and we are excited about all of those possibilities.”

Anyway, the BIG question is: Which character do you want most to see hanging out at the firehouse?

The premiere date of the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off is Thursday, March 22 at 9/8c on ABC.

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