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Harry And Meghan Applied To Trademark Sussex Royal

Having just officially announced their departure from the royal family and their royal duties, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have already working on making a name for themselves. They just applied to register the “Sussex Royal” brand as a global trademark, with it being used for a range of items and activities, such as clothing, stationery and the running of ’emotional support groups’, from what fans can tell from the official filling.

The application, which covers Australia, Canada, the EU and US was filed back in December with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in the name of their new foundation, sources reveal.

Harry and Meghan

In the application the couple registered Sussex Royal-a name they have been using on their official Instagram account and on a website they just launched last week, following their reveal that they will be “stepping back” as senior royals, but that wasn’t the only thing registered, as they also registered “Sussex Royal the Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex”.

Six classes are listed in the application, ranging from printed matter such as magazines and greeting cards, clothing items such as footwear and pyjamas, charitable fundraising and management, as well as education and social care services including the organising and conducting of “emotional support groups”.

This looks like something the couple have been planning to do for quite some time, as in June last year the applications were sent to trademark Sussex Royal for a range of goods and activities with UK intellectual property authorities by their advisers Natalie Campbell and Sara Latham. The ownership was switched to the couple in December.

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But it seems that the royal couple has run in some trouble, as they might have to file for an objection to protect their would-be brand after another application was sent to the EU authorities to trademark a range of goods including beer and jewellery under Sussex Royal.

It was sent on Thursday by an applicant who appears to be based in Italy and filed in German, with English being listed as a secondary language. The database shows that it was filed under the name Ui Phoenix Kerbl, as it was revealed that the Sussexes were yet to register their brand outside the UK.

In this application sent to the European Union intellectual property office (EUIPO), six categories of goods and services were listed – covering areas including toiletries, sporting goods, toys and alcoholic beverages.

At the moment, experts speculate that Harry and Meghan could make as much as ÂŁ500,000 in their first year of being released from the boundaries of senior royalty, particularly by tapping into the lucrative North American market.

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In a lengthy statement released last week, the couple spoke about a “transition into a new working model” which they believe will enable them to remain members of the royal family but have financial independence.

Other think that the two royals will broaden their future enterprise so that it would encompass things such as book deals or a charity-based clothing line, perhaps with an emphasis on sustainability or environmental causes that the couple has taken to heart. They will no doubt have more freedom to take part in any kind of project they want compared to when they were part of the royal family. Meghan might make a return to the small-screens, with another option for them might be that future ventures will combine commercial opportunities with their charitable projects, such as Prince Harry’s Apple TV+ project with Oprah, spotlighting mental health.

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