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Harry And Meghan’s Moving Date Finally Revealed

Of course, we are talking about the date on which they will move to their new home at Frogmore Cottage.

It seems that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are making the final preparations on their new home, all before the arrival of their first child. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be trading the busy royal life at Kensington Palace for a more peaceful one at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

Harry And Meghan Are Moving To Frogmore Cottage

And their moving date has finally been revealed-and its sooner than we expected. A source told ITV News that the couple has already chosen a moving date so they can get settled and prepare for the arrival of the baby. They will be leaving behind at Kensington Palace the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

This might be for the best, as in the last couple of months rumour about a rift between Kate and Meghan have been circulating.

According to reports, quite a lot has been done to Frogmore Cottage, such as a brand new nursery with vegan paint(whatever that is). The gender is still unknown, both to the media and the couple, as they have told well-wishers that they wanted it to be a surprise, so the room colours are completely gender-neutral.

The new home will also come with a huge security bill to protect the couple and their baby, and some experts believe that it could reach 5milion pounds.

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The final plans for the property, although kept hidden from the public, are currently underway, such as annexes for private protection officers.


 Former royal protection officer Ken Wharfe said: “The costs of building and security arrangements could balloon to £5million in the first year.

“There is no protection at Frogmore, there is no one living there. There are costs of at least two or three private protection officers and to make sure the estate is policed adequately by Thames Valley Police.

“There will have to be major reviews of the security surrounding that property, exposed on virtually every side.”

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