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Hollywood Vampires:The First Original Album Is In The Works

Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper will be working on their first original album as Hollywood Vampires

Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper will start production and writing on their first album next month, with every member working separately to write songs for the upcoming album. For what started as a tribute band, has grown into a full-fledged band with their first album set to be produced in the spring of 2018. And what other than greatness can we expect from a band with such talents?

Alice Cooper stated that the new Hollywood Vampires album will be hard rock, with the music being written by every member. While they have some songs in the past, but most of their work is cover tunes. This is taking the band to a whole new level with producing an album with their own original music.

As Joe Perry explained to Best Classical Bands, getting all members of Hollywood Vampires together is quite difficult as every member is busy with their line of work.

“We’ve talked about putting out another record and I’m hoping that in February we’ll be able to dig in and see what we can come up with before the tour, but that’s going to depend on if everybody is available.”

While Johnny Depp is not only an accomplished musician, he is also a wanted movie star. Joe Perry and Alice Cooper both have their own bands and all of them have a tight schedule.

“Johnny has another career he has to deal with and the thing about the Vampires is it’s really about everybody having the time to do it. It’s more like a pickup band in some ways. When everybody’s free, that’s when it happens.”

Alice Cooper is currently on tour with his other band, promoting his newest Paranormal album, but he plans to be free February. Joe Perry who has been a part of Aerosmith for almost 50 years, has been busy with his solo career, working on a solo-album and releasing a single. You can check it out below and see in which direction Joe is going for at the moment. Johnny Depp has already made some room in his busy movie schedule so he can commit to the band for some time. Alice Cooper explained that he, Johnny Depp and Joe Perry have all been working on songs that will be featured on the upcoming album.

One thing we can conclude from Joe Perry’s single is that his guitar hand is in top form as if he is still in his Aerosmith prime in the 1970s. This paired with Johnny Depp’s fabulous chops, we can expect a complex, powerful and skillful guitar in the new album.

Similarly, almost everyone is familiar with Alice Cooper’s work, including his most recent album Paranormal. We all know that signature Alice Cooper sound, and Joe Perry’s guitar riffs. This makes Johnny Depp a kind of a wildcard for the band. What will he bring to the band and what kind of songs will he write?

Despite not being as famous for his music, Johnny Depp has quite a few writing credits for original songs, but only a handful are by Depp alone. One most notable collaborations are with Iggy Pop, with the song Hollywood Affair being one song he wrote alone. He also helped in the creation of the song Mary for The Rock City Angels with Bobby Durango.

Hollywood Vampire

Joe Perry took a very laid back attitude towards his own recent solo album, Switzerland Manifesto. He wrote the melodies while the singers wrote the lyrics.  The New York Dolls singer David Johansen, Terry Reid, Gary Cherone of Extreme, and Cheap Trick’s Robin Zander wrote all the lyrics with just a little input from Joe Perry.

Joe Perry explained to Best Classic Bands, he left the lyrics to the singers. Will Alice Cooper write the lions share of Hollywood Vampires lyrics?

“Part of doing a record like this is letting go of the steering wheel. If I wanted to write the lyrics, well, I’ve done plenty of that, but the whole thing is seeing how the music hits them and them feeling comfortable with singing their lyrics. That’s such a big part of it: how they use the words, what their particular comfort range is. But I throw in a line here and there. I’m there listening to everything.”

But what does that mean for the Vampires album? Will Joe Perry take the back seat to writing the lyrics and leave it to Alice Cooper and perhaps Johnny Depp, or has he been saving his best lyrics for this album?

The most interesting part is the way they record their music. The Vampires have a unique rule about how they will be making music.

They have a rule that none of them will use drugs or even drink while they are recording. This way, they say, is to honor all those great musicians who lost their lives due to substance abuse.

Alice Cooper once told Best Classic Bands a bit about the recording process, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp went through on a previous Hollywood Vampires album.

“Here we are in the studio making these records of these guys, and everybody in the studio is sober. Johnny’s sober, Joe’s sober, I’m sober, [producer] Bob Ezrin’s sober. Everybody that comes in is drinking coffee or Diet Coke and we’re making this record of these guys that wouldn’t ever have a Diet Coke in their life and at the time when we were drinking with them.”

Alice Cooper, founder of the Hollywood Vampires continued, explaining that musicians rarely dream of a life past 30 years of age. Yet Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and Johnny Depp found themselves sober in a studio, 50 years later, doing cover tunes for musicians who wrote the music and then passed before their time.

“If you had said ’30 years from now you’re going to be doing a record honoring these guys and you’re going to be in top shape, and you’re going to be drinking Diet Coke’ I would have said ‘You’re out of your mind,’ because none of us planned to live past 30.”

Here are the tour dates as reported by Best Classic Bands.

Hollywood Vampires Tour Dates with Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry

May 28 – Moscow, Russia – Olympisky
May 30 – St. Petersburg, Russia – Ice Palace
June 02 – Hamburg, Germany – Stadtpark
June 04 – Berlin, Germany – Zitzdele Spandau
June 10 – Helsinki, Finland – Rockin’ Helsinki
June 12 – Warsaw, Poland – Torwar
June 13 – Prague, Czech Republic – Prague Rocks 2018
June 14 – Mönchengladbach, Germany – Sparkassenpark
June 22 – Clisson, France – Hellfest
June 24 – Dessel, Belgium – Graspop Festival
June 27 – Munich, Germany – Tollwood
June 29 – Frankfurt, Germany – Jahrhunderthalle
June 30 – Klam, Austria – Clam Castle
July 03 – Zurich, Switzerland – Samsung Hall
July 07 – Lucca, Italy – Summer Festival
July 08 – Rome, Italy – Rock in Roma

Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, and Alice Cooper will be committed to producing new hard rock, maybe with a few surprises along the road all while everyone one of them is sober. Currently, all of them are preparing for their Hollywood Vampires recording sessions and summer tour.

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