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How Are Kai And Ali Supposed To Fall In Love?

At this point, we have opened the belly of American Horror Story: Cult. After this week’s episode, we figured out a lot. We discovered who’s who amid the creepy clowns, we found out who made Kai the monster he is today, and we even have a prime suspect for the leader.  Yet, with all things we know, there is still one thing we can’t quite figure out: how the hell will Kai (Evan Peters) and Ally (Sarah Paulson) fall in love?! If you are as lost as we were, don’t worry we got you.

First, we must not forget how the whole season idea actually came to be. The show’s creator Ryan Murphy actually teased Kai and Ally’s special relationship way back in July before the show even premiered. Murphy posted some concept art of the two characters on his Instagram account and added a quite perplexing caption. “Ally and Kai in CULT,” he wrote. “A love story for the ages.” Once the season started the idea was even more implausible. Ally is a lesbian married to Ivy (Alison Pill) and Kai is a complete antagonist to her. He even starts the season by throwing a latte at Ally and Ivy and calling Ally a b*tch!

With some time, things began to become clearer. Kai apologized to Ally for what he did. As the episodes go on and Ally faces severe backlash for accidentally killing someone, Kai surprisingly becomes a hero to Ally. He makes the protestors go away, tells Ally he will protect her and even wishes her a nice day. At the same time, Ally’s marriage is falling apart. Ivy has moved out and canceled all the credit cards. Ally is alone and in these dark moments, it seems that she only has Kai left.

At the end of September, Peters gave us more information on the future relationship. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, teased Ally’s significance in the context of the cult. “Ally is very special to Kai because she is terrified of a lot and has a phobia, the worst kind of fear. It’s a challenge for Kai to maybe take her in and make her the queen, his right-hand woman. There’s something special and bewitching about her, where he sees her as an integral part of his master plan. Almost a heaven-sent figure.” Peters goes on, saying, “It definitely goes into a strange, odd, combative but loving relationship — if that makes any sense.”

The quotes in the interview match the logic we have so far. Kai is convincing Ally, that he is her safe spot. At this time we still don’t know why Kai is doing all this, or why he thinks Ally is special. But it seems more of a game of cat and mouse. Now that we know how he is seducing her, it’s not difficult to figure out where this is headed.


Kai will continue to pull Ally in. Now that she realized that Ivy is in the cult, it makes sense that she would want to be with Kai to be a step above and retaliate emotionally. What’s also clear is that Kai is fueled by fear. He incites fear in everyone around him, and Ally is literally scared of anything. It’s symbiotic. Her phobias are fueling his power.

My opinion is the Ally will eventually find her strength, thanks to no other than Kai. Just take a look at Murphy’s concept art. Ally appears confident and alluring. She is dressed in dark colors and looks like Kais another half. Maybe Kai’s intentions of making her his right-hand woman is what she needs to overcome her fears. He is literally making her the master of her own fears. I think as soon as she gets a grip on all the anxieties thanks to Kai, she will really come into her own in totally unexpected and unimaginable ways.



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