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How Harry And Meghan’s Baby Will Make Royal History?

What will make they’re firstborn stand out from the royal family?

When Meghan Markle gives birth in April, her and Prince Harry’s baby will be the very first Anglo-American baby in the royal family. This is due to the fact that despite having applied for British citizenship, the Duchess of Sussex has not been approved and it might not be when the baby is born.

Meghan Duchess of Sussex

The LA-born former-actress started her application shortly after her engagement to Harry back in November 2017. She was warned that the paperwork could take “several years” to go through and that she will not be given any special treatment, The Sunday Times reports.

The rules say that a child born outside the United States to a married couple, one a US citizen, may acquire American citizenship at birth. And Meghan fulfils the conditions that the American citizen parent must have lived in the US for two years.

 Hugo Vickers, a royal historian, told The Sunday Times: “I’m quite sure we haven’t had another British-American baby born into the royal family.

“But Meghan married an English prince so to all intents and purposes that the baby will be British.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex 3

“For whatever reason, we don’t seem to pay much attention to the nationality of royal brides when it comes to their children. We just subsume them into the royal family.”

People also theorize that the Duchess of Sussex will stick to American traditions in the family and make sure that their baby will grow up knowing of his American roots. It is still unknown whether Meghan will keep her American citizenship once she officially becomes British, but if she decides to keep it that means that all her future children will also be born British-American.

The baby is due to arrive soon, with only Spring 2019 given as a reference point. According to some reports Meghan will be giving birth in NHS Frimley Park- a far cry from the exclusive Lindo Wing where Kate gave birth to all three of her children.

Duchess Meghan

According to The Sun, the source said she wants to have the baby at the hospital in Surrey as she “doesn’t want to do anything that Kate Middleton has.”

The gender of the baby is still a mystery, as the expecting parents say they want to keep it a surprise. The former actress told a young girl in the crowd during their visit to Birkenhead “we don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl, we are keeping it a surprise”.

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