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How Kate’s Latest Outing Has An Unexpected Tie To The Queen

The Duchess of Cambridge tapped into her artistic side as she visited the Fabergé in London: Romance To Revolution exhibition at the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum this Thursday.

Wearing black wide-legged trousers and a paisley-print Ralph Lauren blouse she showed her prowess for style and a keen eye for detail, as has earned an art history degree at St. Andrew’s University (where she met and fell in love with her husband Prince William).

The Duchess also adhered to the latest guidelines with her black face mask.

Kate’s tour of the exhibition was accompanied by V&A director Tristram Hunt and by curator Kieran McCarthy.Mr McCarthy later stated that the royal had been “fascinated by the whole subject”.

Adding that her fascination had come “through over and over again, just ‘How did they do that? Why does that look like that?’

Kate, in fact, has a special connection with some of them, three items are lent by the Queen from her personal collection, included are the Colonnade Egg, Basket of Flowers Egg and the Mosaic Egg.

“There was a lot of why and wherefore in the discussion, which was very interesting because it takes a sophistication to look beyond seeing the spectacle to actually probe into the details, and that was there.”

The Fabergé exhibition showcases the largest display of Fabergé’s legendary Imperial Easter Eggs in a generation, over 200 bejewelled pieces, several of which are being displayed for the first time in the UK, as the London branch is the only outside of Russia displaying them.

One of the magnificent pieces included in the display is the Third Imperial Egg, only recently discovered in 2011 by a scrap dealer, as it had gone missing for almost fifty years.

The largest, the Moscow Kremlin Egg also features. Inspired by the architecture of the Dormition Cathedral in Moscow it also contains a music box that plays Tsar Nicholas II’s favourite hymn, and the Alexander Palace Egg, containing a model of the palace inside.

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