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How Meghan’s First Outing With The Queen Compares To Kate’s?

The outing with the Queen and Meghan Markle happened on Thursday, where they traveled by royal train to Cheshire.

Kate Middleton was in many ways similar to Meghan’s, but without the royal train, according to Express.

The Duchess of Cambridge traveled with the Queen and Prince Philip to Leicester on March 8, 2012. They did this to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee tour, which celebrated her 60 years on her throne.

Duchess of Cambridge traveled with Queen Elizabeth

They were first seen at London’s St. Pancras Station, where they went to De Montfort University and to Leicester Cathedral. Photos were taken of them, where they were shown very happily together.

However, the biggest difference between Kate and Meghan’s first solo outings with the Queen was that Kate was already married to Prince William almost an entire year before the outing. On the opposite spectrum, Meghan married Prince Harry less than a month ago, on May 19, 2018. This means that Meghan had her first outing with the Queen far quicker than Kate did.

Also, Meghan wore a Givenchy custom for her outing, whereas Kate chose a teal suit by L.K. Bennett with a James Lock hat. Meghan did not wear a hat for her outing, meaning that she chose a more casual look rather than Kate.

Meghan and Kate may be very different, but the Queen was impressed by both their outings.

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