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How Prince Philip Death With Affect George, Charlotte And Louis

Tributes and condolences poured in from around the world as news spread that Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh sadly passed away on Friday 9 April at the age of 99.

His passing most certainly will leave a void for his wife of over 7 decades, as well as with his four children and beloved grandchildren. But, his death will also be a big shock for the youngest too: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

In November, the Queen and Prince Philip celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary. And for the occasion the Palace released a new photo of the monarch and her consort, the Duke of Edinburgh admiring a custom-made anniversary card created by their great-grandchildren Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Prince William Kate George Charlotte and Louis

 A closer look at the card revealed a colorful “73” on the front in honor of the milestone. It was also decorated with a number of polka dots.

And just last week, the Cambridge trio crafted an adorable gift for the Queen and Prince Philip to celebrate Easter They made customized Easter eggs and baked “a delicious chocolate cake covered in mini Cadbury eggs” with Kate’s help.

According to HELLO!, who spoke with Sandra Wheatly, a social psychologist, it won’t be easy to explain to George, Charlotte and Louis that somebody close to them has died.

She said: “If it’s somebody that they saw infrequently, it’s going to take them a lot longer to fully understand. It could be six months before they really understand that they haven’t seen that person for a long time.

“It can be difficult for adults to deal with if they are close to the person who’s died and the child continually ‘checks’ with them. Not in a mean way or doubting you, but they’re seeking verification that what they understand has happened, has happened. That’s what children do.

“For example, if William and Kate were particularly close to Prince Philip, for them, it could be that they have to take a deep breath. [Those conversations] could happen in a public place and it could catch them unaware that their child has just asked about this. You want to give your child your full attention and to reassure them.

Speaking about how to deal with the aftermath, Sandra advised to be proactive. “For example, if they have photographs of Philip at George’s age now, they could pick out the similarities with him. Continuing to talk about him and remember him in a positive way is very important because you don’t want to instil a fear of bringing it up.

Prince Harry and Prince Philip 2

Prince William and Kate are very busy people so, while they’re hands-on parents with their little ones, the royal pair still gets some help. They have nanny Maria Borallo who has cared for their children since Prince George was around eight months old. So, she will most likely take a big part in helping the children cope with the loss of their great-grandfather.

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