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How To Get Throguh Droughtlander: Tips From The Inside

Droughtlander is one of the longest and most excruciating time of year for Outlander fans. It the time in between seasons, with the fans having four-five months to go until the series returns to Starz, and getting through them is no easy task. So in hopes of passing the time left without going crazy, our two leading stars, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have offered tips on how to get through Droughtlander.

1. Don’t Neglect Everyday Activites

According to TV Guide, Balfe has advised fans not to neglect their usual everyday responsibilities while waiting for the return of Outlander. Even if you are sad because you aren’t watching Jamie and Claire’s adventures unfold on the small screens it doesn’t mean that it should be a break for all you usual chores around the house.

“Feed your kids, feed yourself. Go out and go for a walk. Try not to let the houseplants die.” Balfe told fans. Even though this might not seem as much of an advice, it will get you to get things done in the real world and with that even make you forget about Outlander for a second.

2. Read Diana Gabaldon’s Books

There are only 3 seasons of Outlander as of now, but luckily Gabaldon has published 9 books of the time-traveling drama. You can get these books at your local library or bookstore, or even get an electronic version if you are into that kind of thing. No matter which way you choose, reading all 9 books will take some time. The time you do have. And even if you have already read them, I think they are worth a second(or even third) look. You might want to focus more on the fourth book in the series this time as the upcoming season of Outlander will be based on that entry in the Outlander series.

3. Binge Watch The Entire Series

After you finish reading the books, you might want to re-watch the first three seasons of Outlander. You can ever make parallels between the books and the series.  This will help you recap what happened and refresh your memory of what has happened in the show. In fact, female lead Balfe has noted that this is the way she would recommend the most to get through Droughtlander.

4. Dring-A Lot

When everything else fails and you have no other option left, you can always turn to a little bit of alcohol to help you with anything. With Jamie and Claire currently headed for America in Season 4, Heughan has recommended that you get some good bourbon instead of ale for those long night without Outlanders, as this will help “pass a few days away.” This is not recommended for long periods of time but it is helpful for short periods.

Starz is yet to announce the official premiere date for Season 4 of Outlander. The series is expected to return sometime this fall, though Heughan has teased at the fact that Droughtlander might not last as long as we expect. Here’s for a late summer premiere.

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