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How William Showed He Is Ready To Be King Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Prince William has deserved the nickname “corona conqueror”, just as his namesake, William the Conqueror, for his efforts keep the public’s spirits up amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Prince William has been applauded for doing the right things and finding the right words in this difficult time. He is leading the British Royal family by example and he understands and sympathise with those in lockdown.

He praised the community spirit that “comes rushing back”, during video calls with Jacky Crawford from the Moorlands Community Charity in Goole. He said: “I think Britain is at its best, weirdly, when we’re all in a ­crisis. That community spirit and community feel comes rushing back.”

Prince William and Kate video call students

Prince William also tried to lift Britons spirits by sharing a video on his official Instagram account. Produced by the Football Association, the clip showed the resilience of the Englishmen.

“This is England during a crisis, a nation united. This is England – 66 million from thousands of communities, that’s our heartland,” Hussain Manawer, writer and artist, said in the video. “And we say thank you to the NHS and all the key workers, we hold high our multicultural front line because this is England.”

Prince William and Kate have made supporting the mental health of key workers during the Coronavirus pandemic their “top priority”. They launched ‘Our Frontline’ which according to their website “provides mental health support to NHS workers, carers, the Blue Light emergency services and other key workers.”

Prince William opened Birmingham's NHS Nightingale Hospital

William also opened Birmingham’s NHS Nightingale Hospital, that was constructed in a mere eight days in response to coronavirus.

And he said it was a “wonderful example” of the “pulling together” going on up and down the UK.

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“It’s a herculean effort and you should be, rightly, very proud of what you’ve achieved. Thank you for everything you’ve done. It really means a lot to everybody.”

On April 23, Prince William joined Stephen Fry for hilarious Big Night In the sketch, to put on the TV fundraiser to raise money and keep people entertained during the lockdown.  Prince William made a very special and very funny appearance which absolutely thrilled royal fans.

Prince William joined Stephen Fry for hilarious Big Night In the sketch,

He asked: “Have you seen anything good on TV? It’s hell without EastEnders.”

Melchett replied: “They told me Tiger King is rather good.”

 “Yes, I tend to avoid shows about royalty,” William added.

Then when Melchett warned him the time for the clap for carers was not far off, William said: “On my way, let me just see if I can just find my socks and my shoes.”

Looking down, a deadpan William added: “And my trousers.”

William, Kate And The Children Join UK To Thank NHS Workers
Prince William and Kate joined by their children clap for carers

At the end of the ‘call’ William, Kate and the children opened the show, by leading the Clap for Carers outside their Anmer Hall home.

A night before, William and Kate shared new photos of their son Prince Louis to celebrate his second birthday. And while it was such a delight to see the adorable birthday boy in rainbow paint, it seems there’s a hidden message hidden within the portraits. Rainbows actually hold a lot of significance right now in the U.K. Children across the UK are painting rainbows to put up in their windows to “spread hope”.

New Photos Of Princess Charlotte Released To Mark Her 5th Birthday

With the subtle message, the Cambridges showed just a quiet, not showy, show of support.

And then, on Friday night, William and Kate shared charlotte’s fifth birthday photos which were obviously community-focussed too. Charlotte and her family showed once again support in these dark times by helping pack supplies and food for isolated pensioners.

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