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How Would Meghan Markle Have To Behave If She Marries Prince Harry?

Rumors about Meghan Markle moving to London, to be with Prince Harry, have started since she unexpectedly canceled her car lease in Canada. And this sparked another speculation that a royal wedding might be happening soon.

And now the question is, what does Meghan Markle need to master if she wants to receive the royal acknowledgment?

There are so many leading etiquette guides that offer expert advice about how she needs to behave.

The first step to becoming a princess’ perfection is that she has to look good. For example, Kate Middleton, Prince William’s wife, who has kept her perfect style during her third pregnancy, is a symbol of elegance and grace.

And apparently, Meghan Markle started taking style suggestions after wowing everyone at the Invictus Games when she wore a maroon midi dress and matching burgundy biker jacket.

Meika Meier, a professional etiquette coach, emphasizes the importance of good grooming and regular blow-dries.

Moreover, Meghan Markle will have to adopt a dress style that is suitable for her. Maybe she will copy the stylish example that Kate Middleton set.

The members of the royal family, in order to look at their best, have to carry themselves diversely to ordinary people.

When Markle is sitting down, she has to maintain a good posture and not letting her back touch the chair.

Another rule that she has to stick by is she must never cross her legs. When she will get in a car or out of it, she must fold her hands in her lap at all times.

And if and when the Suits actress marries Prince Harry, she might want to adopt the leg slant that Princess Diana of Wales and Kate Middleton perfected.

Last but not least skill Meghan will have to know is the regal art of eating. When eating, she will have to hold the fork in her left hand and the handle of the tea cup at three o’clock. If she goes shopping for groceries, she must need to search for products with the royal crest.

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