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Kate And Her Family Have A Big Reason To Celebrate Today

On Thursday, Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton is celebrating her 64th birthday. Happy Birthday Carole!

It is expected that Kate and her family have joined to celebrate her mom’s birthday. The close-knit family are big on special occasions.

In the previous years, the Middletons have gone to Mustique on their annual holiday. And it falls around Carole’s birthday.

In 2015, Carole and Michael Middleton, have jetted off to the island of Mustique to join their daughter and the family for a huge blowout bash celebrating Carole’s 60th birthday. At that time, Kate was pregnant with her girl Charlotte.

carole and michael middleton

But, this year, the Middleton family had their holiday a little bit earlier.

While Kate enjoyed a traditional festive break in Norfolk, the rest of the Middleton clan opted to fly thousands of miles away to St. Barts.

January is a month of celebration for the Middletons. Kate Middleton’s birthday is on January 9.

This year, the Duchess celebrated her 37 birthday with her close friends at Anmer Hall in Norfolk a few days before.

Also on the same day, William attended an engagement in London where he avoided talking about Kate turning 37. When asked how he planned to celebrate his wife’s day, he joked, “That would be telling!”

And this year, will be two milestone birthdays for the Middleton family too. Pippa and James’s son, Arthur, and Kate and William’s third baby, little Louis, are both turning one.

louis christening

Apparently, first birthdays are very important to Kate, her mum Carole has revealed. Talking to Good Housekeeping magazine, she said that all her children have contributed to helping her business “Party Pieces” to grow. And Kate took charge of the First Birthday brand.

“My children have all worked for the business. Catherine started the First Birthday brand – she chose the products and looked after all the imagery and the catalogue production. Pippa set up the blog, as we didn’t have one. James came up with the idea of personalised cakes and got them off the ground for us.”

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