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Kate Is About To Do Something Amazing She Hasn’t Done Before

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is launching a landmark solo charity campaign, which means that for the first time, she will be working separately from her husband Prince William and her brother-in-law Prince Harry.  According to the Daily Mail, this campaign will be focused more towards child welfare- and those that are not given enough support from their early years onwards. The report reads: “She is bringing together experts from academia, education, health, and other fields to work on how to help families tackle anti-social behavior, addiction, and mental health.”

Kate Middleton


This new initiative will begin next year, and it will be a lifelong project for the royal, who has shown passion for providing children with the very best support regardless of wealth or social background. She has also gathered a team of experts to help her and find out why vulnerable families are not getting the help they need-and all data and discoveries the team makes will be published by Kensington Palace in the following year.

During a speech at a visit to the Reach Academy in London earlier this year, the Duchess said: “We all know how important childhood is, and how the early years shape us for life. We also know how negative the downstream impact can be if problems emerging at the youngest age are overlooked, or ignored. It is therefore vital that we nurture children through this critical, early period.”

Kate Middleton


She added: “At what stage in a child’s development could we, or should we, intervene, to break the inter-generational cycle of disadvantage? The more I have heard, the more I am convinced that the answer has to be early – and the earlier, the better. Addressing the issues only when they root, later in life, results in huge detriment: detriment to the healthcare, education and social support system in our country.”

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