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Kate Middleton Has Been Sending Secret Message With Her Lockdown Outfits

Prince William and Kate have continued working, amid coronavirus lockdown, making video calls with their charitable organisations and patronages. And, even in the virtual appearances, Kate Middleton has continued fascinating royal watchers and brightening everyone’s day with her outfits.

The UK has adopted the rainbow as a symbol of hope of hope during the coronavirus lockdown. Children have been handing rainbow pictures on their windows to raise the spirit during these hard times. And Duchess Kate is doing something similar, through her wardrobe.

For almost every Zoom conference, Kate has worn bright colors which left fans wondering whether she is sending a secret message. Apparently, Kate has worn all the colors of the rainbow for different online engagements; so far she has worn yellow, red, pink, green, blue and lilac. This detail was first spotted by Cambridge Mums, a royal fan Instagram account.  

“KATE HAS LITERALLY WORN A RAINBOW 🌈 Our duchess of impact has quite literally used her lockdown wardrobe to send a message, and WE ARE HERE FOR IT 👏🏼,” read the Instagram post.

This observation amazed fans who immediately went on to comment: “OMG HOW DID WE NOT NOTICE THIS?! She’s such a masterclass at Royal dressing!” Another said: “So thoughtful & clever! I am amazed.”

Kate clearly recognises the importance of the rainbow during these times. And she showed it also with Prince Louis second birthday portraits. Her little son was pictured doing some rainbow coloured hand-painting for the NHS.

Kate Middleton was also noticed recycling some of her outfits from previous engagements, during her online meetings.

A source spoke with Us Weekly:  “Like most people, Kate doesn’t think twice about recycling clothes.

“She thinks it would be a waste to wear something once and then throw it away. And as the UK taxpayers contribute towards the royal family’s upkeep, it wouldn’t be a good look if she spent a fortune on clothing”.

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