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Kate Middleton Spotted Buying Halloween Costumes In Sainsbury’s

Kate Middleton was seen doing some last-minute shopping for Halloween in her local supermarket as no doubt her three children cant wait to dress up for this holiday.

Its spooky season, so kids and parents all over the world are preparing their best, and scariest, costumes for this years Halloween. And it seems that Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will be part of the fun as their mother, Kate Middleton, was seen doing some last-minute shopping for this spooky holiday.

While one might think that the royal children would have the best and fanciest costumes for Halloween, but that is not the case, as the Princess of Wales, who is known to be quite crafty and creative, shops for costumes and items from her local supermarket like the rest of us.

The Princess stunned Sainsbury’s shoppers a few years back when she was seen in the shop with her two oldest children picking up Halloween outfits.

Back in 2019, the Cambridge family stopped by the Hardwick Industrial Estate branch in Norfolk and were overheard asking children in the store what they were going to dress up as. She was joined by Prince George and Princess Charlotte as the trio walked around the store and did their holiday shopping. The royal later used the self-service checkouts, where she purchased her Halloween goods.

Kathy Whittaker, a mother-of-four who was at the store at the time, later talked about how she was taken aback by seeing the royal casually browsing the supermarket clothes while a six-foot bodyguard closely followed her every step.

Kathy explained: “Another shopper said that Kate was in the shop near the clothing and pointed where she was to me. I just couldn’t believe it.

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“She was with Charlotte and George looking at Halloween outfits but her bodyguard was kind of watching people with phones and telling them no pictures.

“I managed to get the photo as she was at the self-service checkout.

“You just don’t expect it to happen, you think Kate would shop in Waitrose or Harrods.”

And this wasn’t the only instance where Kate was spotted shopping at Sainsbury’s.

In 2020 the Princess was seen browsing the clothing section at the supermarket’s King’s Lynn

branch, which is located not far away from the family’s countryside home Anmer Hall.

In 2018 she was also seen looking around the aisles of discount store The Range in King’s Lynn.

But the Halloween celebrations will have to wait a little longer, as George, Charlotte and Louis have

all returned to class at Lambrook School following their two-week half-term holiday, and wont be

home until later today.

The whole family used this half-term break fully, as Prince William and Kate both have been under

the public radar for the last two weeks, instead using this free time to spend quality time

with all their children.

They did the same thing last October as well, with the whole family jetting off to Jordan for an

exciting holiday. And fans were treated to a beautiful family photo from their trip to Jordan, with the

image being featured on William and Kate’s Christmas card last year.

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