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Kate Middleton:10 Parenting Rules She Goes By

You might wonder what kind of a parent is the Duchess of Cambridge? Here we have Kates favorite parenting rules book to find out how exactly she is raising Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

How do raise a prince and princess-you might ask yourself. And as it seems Kate Middleton got some help from her favorite parenting book, even going so far as sending a letter to the author of the book.

Kate Middleton:10 Parenting Rules She Goes By

The Modern Mother’s Handbook: How to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Smart, Disciplined and Interesting Child, Starting from Birth is the name of the book, whose author prefers to stay anonymous and goes by as The Modern Old-Fashioned Mom, was delighted to hear that the Duchess of Cambridge found her book to be quite helpful. She has two kids (like Kate) and wrote the book in hopes of offering practical advice for new moms on raising kids from infancy to teens — clearly, Kate is thinking ahead. There is some advice in the book that we would suggest moms ignore (you don’t have to breastfeed like the author says), but there are a lot of good tips that are worth following.

1.Don’t Be Afraid To Accept Help

Prince George and his grandmother Carole Middleton

The anonymous author advises new moments to not shy away from asking for help, especially during those first two-three weeks. “Your life is about to consist of interrupted sleep and a crying baby. So let your mom do as much as possible, including changing diapers and doing laundry.” And Kate definitely did that. After the birth of Prince George, William and Kate headed to Bucklebury where Kates family lives. They stayed with her family for many weeks, with Carole Middleton helping Kate with her new life as a mother and cooking most of the meals to keep the new family fed. And as if grandma Carole wasn’t enough, the couple also had a full-time nanny named Maria who takes care of George and Charlotte when the couple is at royal engagements. Even though this is a wealthy family we are talking about and not everyone can afford a nanny, we can all agree that there is no shame in asking for help when you need it.

2.Keep Calm During Tantrums

When Prince George was off on his first royal engagement in July 2016,

When Prince George was off on his first royal engagement in July 2016, he became a bit overwhelmed by all the loud noises at the Royal International Air Tatoo. Kate was quick to respond and pick him up and “communicate in a calm-ish, reasoned and understandable tone,” just like the author recommends. George instantly stopped crying and calmed down, and he was off to check the planes. We give Kate props for managing to keep cool and calm at a moment when basically the whole world is watching her kid have a meltdown.

3.Brush Things Off

how does Kate discipline the future king

So how does Kate discipline the future king? Well, it involves lots of counting to three. The Modern Mother’s Handbook encourages parents to give their kids to the count of three to complete a task or its off to timeout. Yes, there is a timeout chair in Kensington Palace. But not action demands that kind of reaction, sometimes “all they need is a little laugh and a hug”. Kate just laughed it off when Prince George got Charlotte with the bubble gun during a fun party in British Columbia.

4.Let Them Be Independent

George, Charlotte And Louis Visit Mom Kate’s Chelsea Flower Show Garden


We know that letting your kids go out in the big scary world is hard, especially when they are so little. But the author urges you to “get out of your child’s way” and let them discover the world themselves and make their own mistakes. Her advice is “Set a good example and then stand back and watch.” Kate did exactly that at a children’s party in Victoria, BC. As soon as Charlotte saw all the games and animals, she pushed herself out of Kates’ arms and went on to play with the balloons. Kate just walked behind her and laughed at her daughter’s independent spirit.

5.Its Ok To Be Selfish

Prince George

This might be shocking at first, but it has some logic behind it. “A child cant understand sharing if she first doesn’t understand the concept of possession,” the Modern Old-Fashioned Mom writes. So if another kid takes your kids toy, it alright to ask the kid to give it back.

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