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Kate Shared Touching Mother’s Day Card From Son George

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared a photo of the handmade Mother’s Day card that Prince George had made his mom; showing off what an artist in the making the young royal is.

The card is quite impressive, with a vase of flowers in the centre of a table, created by collage. On the yellow vase there is a red heart in the centre, while in it there are three flowers, which were made with scrunched-up tissues, making a great contrast with the red against the blue background.

The Prince most likely made this card while still going to Thomas’s Battersea; the school where he currently attend Year 2, right before the coronavirus outbreak shut it down last week.

Kate Shared Touching Mother’s Day Card From George

We are sure Kate loved the card that Prince George made, as she encourages all of her three children to express their creativity. The Duchess is a very hands-on-mom, which often spends time with her children in doing all kinds of activities. She has talked about this on numerous occasions, listing the activities they love doing; such as painting at home and baking.

Her second child, Princess Charlotte, has been said to love making handmade jewelry.

She also encourages her children to spend more time outside and be more active. Prince William also joins in on the fun, as he’s revealed that he plays football in the garden with his two oldest.

As the ongoing crisis has everyone staying home, the Cambridges are doing the same at their country home, Anmer Hall, in Norfolk. They have been spotted there last weekend.

The PM of U.K. Boris Johnson introduced new guidelines on social-distancing, so we won’t be seeing the royals in public anytime soon.

The last time they were seen was last Sunday; when Kate was seen with her three children shopping in her local’s Sainsbury’s, checking the children clothes aisle. This came as a bit of a surprise to Kate Carter, founder of Ugly Duckling Creations, who didn’t immediately notice that the royals were shopping just two feet from her.

“She was with the children, and she looked lovely. She is absolutely beautiful, and the children were beautiful. They were so well behaved,” Kate reveals.

George And Charlotte Pose For A Sibling Portrait On First Day Of School

With the coronavirus pandemic, George and Charlotte will now be home-schooled. A spokesperson for Thomas’s London Day Schools said: “Due to the increasing number of children and staff absent from school because of the coronavirus pandemic, Thomas’s London Day Schools have decided to move to remote learning from Friday 20 March.”

He added: “From this date the curriculum will be taught through online learning platforms and we have asked parents to keep their children at home and to access their lessons through this system.”

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