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Kate Shares Details Of Family Christmas Tree At Kensington Palace

On Wednesday, Duchess Kate stepped out at the Peterley Manor Farm to help young children pick out Christmas trees for their classrooms. During the visit, she revealed some of the royal secrets to farm owner Roger Bill, including the type of Christmas tree the royals have inside Kensington Palace.

Kate shared that she and Prince have already decorated their own Christmas Tree which a Nordmann fir tree to put Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis’ presents under.

Kate Middleton in Buckinghamshire

“It was an honour to have her here. We chatted about how long we’ve been farming here. She was asking about the trees which drop their needles and those that don’t, and which ones smell nice!” farm owner Roger Brill said. “She said that they normally have the Nordmann Fir inside that doesn’t drop the needles.”

Roger went on to say that the Duchess was very hands-on, when it came to helping the kids select their trees and, at one point, she held one up so they could get a better look.

“She was fantastic with the youngsters. She was in there moving them around and holding them up. I will have to give her a job at the weekend, I think. She was a very good saleswoman!”

Kate Middleton

For the engagement, Kate got all was festive in a gorgeous red puffer jacket and a green lambswool sweater.

The mom-of-three displayed her motherly nature and held the hands of two of the children on a tour of the farm. In an adorable moment, she held-up one tree and asked the children “Does anyone like this one?”.

Kate Middleton

One of the children cheekily replied they wanted one that was “bigger”.

Kate and her family are set to spend Christmas at the Sandringham Estate with fellow royals including the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

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