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Unseen Photo Of Meghan Volunteering In Toronto Charity Released

Prince Harry and Meghan chose the St Felix Centre as one of 12 charities highlighted on their Instagram in December which help “the lonely, hungry and homeless”. And, over the weekend, the Toronto based charity posted an unseen photo of Meghan volunteering with them during her days working on Suits.

In the photo, Meghan can be seen posing in the shelter’s kitchen with a group of volunteers, wearing a cap, padded jacket  and striped shirt.

The post read: “We feel very grateful and honoured to have been highlighted by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle, as one of 12 charities doing important work worldwide. This photo has Meghan volunteering in our kitchen!” The charity added: “Meghan Markle was an active supporter and volunteer of St. Felix Centre during her time living in the city while working on Suits. She volunteered on a regular basis in our kitchen as part of our Community Meals Programme. The Duchess also donated food from the set of Suits, and on one Thanksgiving she brought in all the food, turkeys and the fixings for over 100 people.”

The charity added on Twitter that they have “fond memories” of working with the Duchess and sweetly referred to as “the lovely Meghan”.

“Through our Twitter account we responded to the announcement: ‘Thank you! Many people here have fond memories of Duchess Meghan volunteering with us – though we remember her just as ‘the lovely Meghan’.

Meghan Markle visit's to ActionAid

“We’re happy to see she continues supporting vulnerable people now as a member of the Royal Family. We’d love for her to visit us again one day.'”

Meghan also reportedly brought Suits cast and crew members to the centre, which offers programmes for vulnerable members of the community.

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