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Kate Writes Touching Letter To Midwives After Secret Work At Maternity Hospital

The Duchess of Cambridge wrote a touching letter to midwives following her secret visit to Kingston Maternity Unit last month.

Kate’s visits were part of her Early Years work learning about how to support children and families in the earliest years of life.

Kensington Palace posted the touching letter along with new photos of the Duchess. They show her, dressed in a purple-patterned Michael Kors dress, having a cup of tea with midwives in their break room, another chatting to staff and a fourth of Kate and the maternity unit team, posing for a group shot. 

In the open letter, Kate wrote: “Next year the world turns its attention to the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, and recognizing and celebrating the humbling work that you and your colleagues do day in, day out, to improve the lives of others,” the Duchess began, adding, “You are there for women at their most vulnerable; you witness strength, pain and unimaginable joy on a daily basis.

 “During my time at Kingston, I accompanied community midwives on their daily rounds and was welcomed into people’s homes. I was truly touched by the trust that people placed in me, sharing their experiences and voicing their fears openly. I also spent time in hospital clinics and on post-natal wards.

“No matter the setting, I was continually struck by the compassion that those of you I spent time with showed, and the incredible work ethic you demonstrated on behalf of your entire profession – not only performing your rounds but working tirelessly through the night to support people that were at their most vulnerable.”

Kate praised the midwives, saying: “You are there for women at their most vulnerable; you witness strength, pain and unimaginable joy on a daily basis.”

“You don’t ask for praise or for recognition but instead unwaveringly continue your amazing work bringing new life into our world. You continue to demonstrate that despite your technical mastery and the advancement of modern medicine, it is the human to human relationships and simple acts of kindness that sometimes mean the most.”

Kate signed off her open letter by thanking midwives “for all that you do” and described the experience as a “real privilege”.

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