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The Touching Story Behind The Pink Flamingo Charlotte Was Carrying

This Christmas Day, both Prince George and Princess Charlotte made their debut at the Christmas day walk after attending the church service in Sandringham. The two were with their parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, with the four of them walking around the church grounds after the service so that they can meet with the fans who were gathered there.

During the walk, fans noticed that Princess Charlotte was carrying around a pink flamingo, leading them to wonder where did the royal get it from. As it turns out, it was gifted to her by a fan who was there.

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According to Gemma Clark, while on her way to mass, Princess Charlotte kept looking at the inflatable pink flamingo in her hand and turned around several time to look at it. Gemma, who is wheelchair-bound due to cerebral palsy, decided to give the pink flamingo to the four-year-old as she seems quite fascinated by it.

‘Felicity was a 39th birthday present from my older sister Fran,’ Gemma explained.

‘She goes everywhere with me.  She’s like my lucky mascot.

‘But Charlotte kept looking at Felicity and I thought: “I wonder if the Princess would like her?”

‘So when she came over with Prince George and her parents after the service, I asked her: “Would you like Felicity?”

‘Her face lit up and she said: “Yes please”.’

Gemma also told the young royal that she could rename the flamingo if she wanted to. For the sweet gesture, Princess Charlotte gave her a big hug and a big thank you for the present.

Prince George also gave Gemma a hug, and after her encounter with the royal family, she explained that she was ‘on cloud nine’.

This gift is one of many that the Princess has most likely been getting this festive season, with fans wanting to know what Santa Claus has brought the well-behaved royal. According to reports, the Princess asked for a pony for Christmas, a love that she shares with her great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth. Unfortunately, her father Prince William thinks that she is too young for a pony, which means that she might get one in the future. Prince George, on the other hand, had a much more modest Christmas letter for Santa, simply asking for a tennis racket and a football table.

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