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Market Stall Owner Reveals What Is Like Meeting Prince William And Kate

The Duke and Duchess recently visited Wales, stopping at Abergavenny market for a bit of window shopping and it seems they’ve left an impression. William and Kate talked to the sellers and inquired about their wares, one of these vendors are Carol Davies who runs Nuths Abergavenny | Facebook a fruit and flowers stall at the marker, together with sister Christine Hughes.

“It was absolutely fabulous,” said Davies, still understandably excited. “We love the royals, so when they said they’d put our name forward, we were so delighted.”

Avid royal fans, the two sisters have often attended royal events and it seems meeting William and Kate was an unforgettable experience.

“We’ve booked for the Queen’s [Jubilee] in June, and we’ve been to different things of theirs,” explains Davies. “It was lovely to meet them so close and shake their hand, and they were so natural, it could have been like talking to your neighbor. It was fabulous.”

As for the topic of the day, it seems the royal couple was curious about the produce and its sourcing, showing a genuine interest.

“[William] asked where we buy our stuff, we said most of our things we buy locally,” said Davies, going on to explain that the sisters have to “go further afield” for some of the produce. “He said, ‘I understand that you can’t always have British.'”

It seems friendliness is a trait the royal couple share, “She said, ‘oh, you’ve got a lovely show of produce on you,'” continued Davies expressing her opinion on the Duchess. “Yeah, they were really, really down-to-earth.”

“My sister was a little bit nervous starting off, but I said to her, ‘you like them’ and I said, ‘they seem so down-to-earth,’ but [my sister] was fine,” explained Davies. “Once they came over, they shook your hand, they made you at ease straight away.”

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