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Meghan Identifies As “A Woman Of Colour” In Impassioned Speech

Meghan and husband Harry set to work straight away as they arrived in South Africa on Monday. The couple kicked off their royal tour with an engagement in Nyanga township, South Africa’s ‘murder capital’ amid high security.

During their first visit, both of them gave speeches, where the Duchess of Sussex proudly spoke about her many roles. And for the first time, Meghan touched upon her position in the world as a “woman of colour”.

Meghan Identifies As“A Woman Of Colour And As Your Sister” In Impassioned Speech

“And just on one personal note, may I just say that while I am here with my husband as a member of the Royal family I want you to know that I am here as a mother, as a wife, as a woman, as a woman of colour and as your sister. I am here with you and I am here FOR you and I thank you so much for showing my husband and I the spirit of Ubuntu and I look forward to our time over the next few days together.”

Meghan also encouraged women to fight for “respect, dignity and equality” after watching young girls take a self-defence class.

Meghan Impassioned Speech

Prince Harry gave a speech, addressing violence against women in the area as well as his role as a husband and father.

“Thank you very much for the warm welcome today. It was incredibly important for my wife and I to begin our trip here in Nyanga with you so thank you for having us. As someone who has visited this amazing country many times, and as someone who regards Cape Town as a uniquely special place in Africa, I wanted to ensure that our first visit as a family, with my wife by my side, focused on the significant challenges facing millions of south Africans while acknowledging the hope that we feel so strongly here.

“We are so incredibly grateful to be able to listen and learn from you about the issues that define your daily lives in these communities. And that’s what this is: a community. A community where men and women have a vital role to play. Touching on what your president said last week, no man is born to cause harm to women this is learned a behaviour and a cycle that needs to be broken.”

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