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Meghan Markle Applied To Work On US Talk Show

Before she met Prince Harry, Suits actress Meghan Markle tried to get in the US talk show business, Wendy Williams claims.

Before becoming a soon-to-be royal, Meghan Markle apparently tried to get in the US talk show business and applied to work for talk show host Wendy Williams.

On Williams Wednesday show, she had AnnaLynne McCord as a guest, and the two talked briefly about Markle’s brief guest-starring role on the CW 2008 series 90210.

While Williams admitted that she has never worked directly with Markle, she did reveal to the audience a new tidbit of information about the former Suits actress.

“She applied for a job here too, yeah,” Williams said. “Random princess.”

Meghan Markle

Back in December, the 53-year old talked more about the details of Markle’s past in the Us Talk Show business and her hopes for working at her talk show, Wendy.

“I respect Meghan Markle’s hustle and I respect her game. However, she’s a bit of a wildcard, you know, because she goes from being the Deal or No Deal girl, so this is a girl looking for a game,” Williams said.

“And remember the story here at Wendy. She came here to Wendy to find out what she could do here. She’s been here, she’s been in our building, we have her DNA.”

McCord went on to explain that Prince Harrys future wife had a guest role on the Beverly Hills, 90210 sequel series when she played the role of a girl named Wendy, who was having an affair with McCord’s TV boyfriend, Ethan, and was caught in the act by former co-star Shenae Grimes who played Annie.

“She was cheating on my man. Shenae [Grimes]’s character, Annie, sees him in the car and she’s like, ‘Hi,’ and Meghan’s head comes up. I was like, get it, girl! I love it,” McCord joked.

She then said she told her co-star Dustin Milligan, who played Ethan, that he was royal by “three degrees of separation.”

Meghan Markle 2

As their wedding is set on the 19th May, the couple is currently on a royal tour in the UK, visiting different parts of the country and attending royal events.

Markle made her formal gala debut with Harry on February 1, when the former Suits star gave her first public speech as a soon-to-be member of the royal family.

The actor, who has been known for shaking up the royal tradition, is expected to break royal protocol once again during her spring nuptials by giving a wedding speech after the lavish ceremony at St George’s Chapel.

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